Consider what your objectives and requirements are for your project when writing your creative brief.

It doesn't have to be long, but make sure to cover the following key information about your project:

1. Who?
Who are you? What do you (or your organisation) do? Always try to briefly introduce yourself.

2. What?
What end result are you expecting from the creative freelancer? Try to be as precise as you can about your needs.

3. Why?
What are your objectives for your creative project? State your goals and intended outcomes of your project.

Once again, try to be as precise as possible when explaining your objectives and requirements. This will not only help your project attract appropriate creative freelancers, but it will also help prospective freelancers demonstrate their relevant expertise properly. This will make your task of selecting the right creative for the project much easier and more efficient, as you'll have a good overview of applicants' suitability to your project.
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