The roles and creative services define your current freelancing practice.

Roles and services allows us to match you with relevant opportunities to your practice. You can select as many roles and services as you want, but you'll need at least one service per role in order to receive job opportunities.
You can think of it as "I am a [role] and I specialise in [service]".

Here are some examples for context:
• I am a Photographer and I specialise in Portrait Photography
• I am a DJ and I specialise in Electronic Music
• I am an Illustrator and I specialise in Book Illustration
• I am a Graphic Designer and I specialise in Logotype Design

If you can't find a role and creative service that defines your practice, you can also submit new ones. But, bear in mind that clients choose from available roles and services when sending out a creative brief, so stick to widely used words to describe your practice.
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