This space to highlight up to three examples of previous portfolio work that correspond to the style references included in the creative brief.

This is really your place to shine, to show your prospective client how you might interpret their brief and why you're the best fit for the job. This section not only allows you to show that you've understood their needs and have expertise in the required field, but it also speeds up the selection process for the client, so you can know quite quickly whether or not you've got the job - so you can be as efficient as possible throughout your freelance practice.

You can add, either:
• Three images
• Three videos (Youtube and Vimeo supported)
• Three links

Feel free to use the message box in your application to elaborate on your examples of portfolio work and why they might relate to the brief.

🔺 Don't forget that your website and social media handles are automatically added to your application, so it would be a shame to use this dedicated space to add those links.
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